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Dec 13, 2011
Heathcote Ridge

Heathcote Ridge plans now on public exhibition

Mark ‘Jack’ Johnson, CEO Gandangara Local Aboriginal Land Council

I am extremely proud of the proposal Gandangara have put to the NSW Government, now on public exhibition.

Our extensive investigations and early stakeholder and community consultation have resulted in a comprehensive, informed and balanced proposal.

It ticks all the boxes in assisting to meet the Government’s targets for housing and employment while protecting a conservation area larger than the nearby Georges River National Park.

We have included extensive provision for bushfire management and detailed proposals for infrastructure upgrades including significant local road upgrades and a major east-west road link.

More than that, the Heathcote Ridge proposal pushes the boundaries in sustainability, ensuring the community is water and energy efficient, has access to public transport and cycleways and delivers a community sympathetic to the local bushland environment.

Ultimately, Heathcote Ridge will raise the funds we need to expand our health, education, transport, early intervention and housing programs to make real changes to Aboriginal people in Sydney’s south west and help them achieve independence for the long term.