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Heathcote Ridge Project Update

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Following the extensive exhibition period, the Heathcote Ridge project team have considered all the submissions and proposed an amended structure plan for consideration by the NSW Government.

The new plan increases the size of the conservation area to protect more than two thirds of the site and reduces the development footprint by around 15%.

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Specifically the amendments reflect those considerations from the submissions and include:

  • a reduction in the residential and employment development footprints by approximately 15%;
  • a reduction in the forecast number of dwellings by more than 10% to 2,400; (300 dwellings down from the 2,700 previously proposed);
  • a smaller and less dense employment zone – accommodating up to 4,700 jobs (previously over 15,000 jobs).
  • a subsequent increase in the conservation area by about 50 hectares to a total of 566 hectares (66.7% of the total site area) to be managed by Gandangara;
  • an increased conservation offset ratio of 2:1 (previously 1.5:1);
  • an expansion of the important north-south wildlife corridor running through the site;
  • the provision of potentially six recreational fields for community use;
  • improved bushfire protection in the southern area of the site; and
  • a significant reduction in traffic generation – trips on local and regional roads will be cut by 40% from the original plan.

The full Heathcote Ridge Response to Submissions report is on the website of the Department of Planning and Infrastructure here.

The Department will now consider the amended proposal and make a recommendation to the NSW Minister for Planning.

The Minister will make the final decision on the proposal.

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